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THE POSTAL TRAVELS is about postcards and travels. I collect postcards and I would like to invite you to travel the world with me through my collection. On this website you will find a profile page of all sovereign states and dependant territories of the world. THE POSTAL TRAVELS is both a postcard blog (I will publish a postcard per day, which will be allocated to the right country profile) and a travel blog, as some information and articles will be published on each of the country profiles.

I hope visiting this website makes you eager to hit the road, but in the meantime....travel the world through my postcard collection! 


My name is Gorka and I live in one of Europe's most beautiful cities: Budapest (Hungary). This website comes as a result of all the time I spent flicking through the pages of those atlas my parents bought me when I was a child and that made me dream away about visiting all those legendary places that existed beyond the walls of my room. I began to collect postcards as a way to remember those travels I had made and a way to get inspiration for future trips. Later postcards became a cult, they became like little pieces of this world that I had to grab as a way to capture the intangible idea of "visiting it all". I have been lucky enough to visit more than 60 countries, lived in 5 of them (Spain, Germany, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Hungary) and swapped postcards with people all around the world. Now the postcards I have gathered form a collection that I wish it somehow can mean for you what those wonderful atlas meant for me.


Every day I will publish one new postcard from my collection, which will be allocated to the right country profile. Just flick through the countries to find a complete postcard gallery of each of them. On each profile you will find four sections:

  • Top highlights
  • Literature and travel guides
  • Postal service - Philately
  • El rincón en español

As for "El rincón en español", this is a section where I will publish some articles written in Spanish, my mother tongue. Periódicamente iré publicando en esta sección reflexiones o artículos de interés o información práctica de viaje relativa a un país determinado. Pretende ser la parte literaria de "The Postal Travels".


Would you like to take part in The Postal Travels? Would you like me to publish a postcard you sent me, so we all can comment on the city you live in or the place you just went on holidays? Go ahead, just drop me an email (thepostaltravels@outlook.com) or use the contact form to get in touch with me!

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